Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Oldest Little Girl

T is my oldest daughter. At the age of 17, she could not make a parent more proud. She is smart, does well in school - academically (ranked in the top 3% of her class) and socially, and has a good head on her shoulders. T is not the perfect child (thank goodness we got over that idea!), but she is perfect for our family.

T is my sports player. She played competitive softball for 7 years until she changed her mind for a while. I have to tell you, it broke her mom and dad's hearts as she is a good player and thoughts of possible college scholarships flew out the window, but we had always told her when it stopped being fun and she was not happy, she could stop. The terms were not perfect - lots of fallout, but she was happy. T did start it back up to play for her high school team. It was fun again! She's not going to play in college so she can concentrate on studies. She has also played tennis and volleyball for her school.

T has decided to go into special education/speech therapy as her majors in college. This idea came about from a child she "plays" with every week named G.F. He is a child on the autistic spectrum and she volunteers to do play therapy with him. It has made her see the possibilities in these kids and she wants to do more. What a good idea!

T has always had an opinion. Even before she was born she would let herself be known. And then she came, not when the due date was but 18 days late. From the day she finally was born, she let us know she did not want to have her temperature taken or be wrapped up in the usual swaddled blanket. She just wanted to do it her way! She was born fist first and has been raising it ever since to let her opinion known and to do it her way.

I am proud of her and love her. My oldest one!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Pick One

Just a quick thought today - have to get some things done.

I just don't think it's fair that we should have to have wrinkles and gray hair AND pimples.

I think as soon as the hair folicles say "I'm going gray today," and the skin says "I am tired so I am going to start shriveling up today," changes should begin. Said skin should also decide that since it's so dried up to start shriveling that it's no longer going to produce pimples. I mean really........

Just pick one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Little-est Girl

This is A. The youngest of 4 girls. This picture set was taken last spring. Used to be when we asked her to make a face or say something she would comply immediately hence the many faces. But now she is turning into her own person with her own thoughts and feelings. A has no trouble expressing them either.

To be that young again. When you can cry when you don't get your way. Laugh at some silly cartoon. Throw a tantrum just because someone left the house. Pout because your favorite Noggin show just went off and it's too late to record on dvr.

So A still has many faces. They are just made on her own terms now. They sure grow up fast!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Live The Queen

There is a queen living at my house. She is 3 years old. Her eyes are icy blue. She wears a dark brown mask and her hair is buff-colored. She is Tator Tot, our cat. She is typical in that she expects us all to bow down to her and do as she wishes when she wishes. She is atypical in that in all her demanding, she rarely, and I do mean rarely, meows. If she does it is a squeaky ewww sound. She also rarely purrs. The surprising thing is that she is a siamese cat.

The only siamese cat I have ever known belonged to a dear friend when we were in high school. Boo Kitty meowed all the time and LOUDLY! He was very lovey-dovey and would sleep on my head if I spent the night there. So when we adopted Tator we figured we were in for some more noise. Not to be.

She is also lovey only when she wants to be and then it is usually over within 2 minutes. Then you get a bite and a paw grab. Or at least I do. Hubby and the girls (except for A) get a little longer sometimes, but not often.

To tell me she needs fed, she rubs on my legs or follows me all around as I go about the house chores, leading me to her bowl every time I get close. To go out into the garage she does the same thing and then lets her squeak-sound out. To come in she claws the door like the dogs.

She does go outside sometimes. She rarely goes outside of our yard boundaries though. Once in a while she will explore to the 4 connecting yards to ours. For the most part she just sits out front under the boxwood bushes.

Tator only eats one kind of food and if they ever stop making it we are in trouble. She will not eat fish flavored food or soft food at all. She loves the cheese you squeeze out of a can, but is allergic to it. She likes turkey lunch meat, bacon and hot dogs. If you have one of these items on your plate, she will join you.

She also loves to ride on the back of the computer chair and have someone spin it for her. We call it her motorcycle ride.

Right now the queen is exploring the house, looking for that just right "Spot of the Day" to nap. Wonder where it will be.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Summer, a stay at home mom who rarely stays home. I am married to Gary. We have 4 daughters ages 17, 14, 12 and 2. We have 3 dogs and 1 cat. I graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 1982 and got married in 1989.

My world consists of getting everyone where they need to be. Hopefully they are dressed and clean, but at least dressed. ;)

T - 17 - Is a senior in high school and is applying to colleges and for scholarships. She has been accepted to 2 different schools and I could not be more proud.

L - 14 - Is a freshman in high school and takes dance classes as well as assists in teaching classes for some of the younger dancers. She is the "other mother."

R - 12 - Is in 6th grade. She takes dance as well and plays various sports through school and Upwards at our church. I think she grows 2 inches every day.

A - 2 - Is home with me. She is a bundle of energy and is in constant motion. She loves playing - inside or outside. She has been a very unexpected, surprise blessing to our family.

I am hoping to use this blog for expressing some of my thoughts and learning some of yours. I hope to make new friendships as well as nurture old ones.

So.......4 (girls)... 3 (dogs)...2 (parents)...1 (cat)...Go!