Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Oldest Little Girl

T is my oldest daughter. At the age of 17, she could not make a parent more proud. She is smart, does well in school - academically (ranked in the top 3% of her class) and socially, and has a good head on her shoulders. T is not the perfect child (thank goodness we got over that idea!), but she is perfect for our family.

T is my sports player. She played competitive softball for 7 years until she changed her mind for a while. I have to tell you, it broke her mom and dad's hearts as she is a good player and thoughts of possible college scholarships flew out the window, but we had always told her when it stopped being fun and she was not happy, she could stop. The terms were not perfect - lots of fallout, but she was happy. T did start it back up to play for her high school team. It was fun again! She's not going to play in college so she can concentrate on studies. She has also played tennis and volleyball for her school.

T has decided to go into special education/speech therapy as her majors in college. This idea came about from a child she "plays" with every week named G.F. He is a child on the autistic spectrum and she volunteers to do play therapy with him. It has made her see the possibilities in these kids and she wants to do more. What a good idea!

T has always had an opinion. Even before she was born she would let herself be known. And then she came, not when the due date was but 18 days late. From the day she finally was born, she let us know she did not want to have her temperature taken or be wrapped up in the usual swaddled blanket. She just wanted to do it her way! She was born fist first and has been raising it ever since to let her opinion known and to do it her way.

I am proud of her and love her. My oldest one!

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