Monday, April 27, 2009

How Not to Ride the Metro

When I was 10 years old, we got to go on a business trip to Montreal, Canada and Washington, D.C. with my parents. We left from of all places, Joplin, Missouri airport and flew to Kansas City. In KC we almost missed our next flight to NYC. I remember running through the airport wondering what we were doing. This was a first flight trip for my sister and I. We did get to NYC and from there had to go outside to board a 747 to fly to Montreal. Such a HUGE plane!

Once in Montreal Dad had meetings to go to so us girls were on our own during the day. Somehow Mom had forgotten our swim suits so we went shopping. Actually found a Sears and got, of course, the ever-matching, different color, same suits. :) On our way back, Mom started walking, but in the wrong direction. So before it was too late, either my sister or myself got Mom convinced of the right way to go.

We got on the Metro (subway) to go back to the hotel, but it was very crowded and somehow Mom and I got to a different door than my sister who is 2 years younger than I. So when it got close to our stop, Mom motioned to Sis and we got lined up at our respective doors to get off. For some strange reason, my sister did not get off. Mom and I ran to the gate to get on the next train to the next stop thinking my sister would get off there.

The rest is a little foggy (it was longer ago than I want to admit), but my sister decided she was going to go back on her own to where we were supposed to get off. So we were all riding trains without each other in a country where French was the main language spoken. I think we asked the gate person to hold my sister at the stop she was at and we caught up to her. I think we skipped riding the Metro the rest of the trip unless Dad was with us.

What a lot of memories that trip brings back! Another quick one was one night Mom and Dad decided to go out on the town for dinner. My sister and I were to eat dinner in the hotel diner - Dad set it all up and paid for it beforehand - then we went back to our room. We fell asleep in the deep sleep that only children or fathers can drop off into. Our parents knocked on the door, a little louder, called us from the lobby (the phone was right at my ear), pounded a little louder, yelled, woke up the neighboring hotel guests and finally got a hotel maintenance person to come and let them in. We had placed the chain in so we would be "safe" from people trying to get in. Little did we know it would be my parents we were keeping out! ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Is Fashion?

A friend's blog asked what is fashion? What fashion would you love? Fashion is an ever-changing monster that never really changes, just adds things to fashions of the past. That's what I think anyway.

I would love to be in the Gone With the Wind times for a few days, but I would probably make it look more like Carol Burnett did in her spoof with curtain rods at my shoulders. I don't think I could handle the corsets for long though. I like breathing for some strange reason.

I grew up in the 70s and graduated from high school in the early 80s. My first memory of fashion was the always matching or coordinating outfits with my younger sister. Especially Easter dresses. We also had to wear hats and gloves because of fashion. I hated those hats! I remember an orange and white checked maxi-skirt with a flowing butterfly sleeve blouse that I thought was the most lovely thing in the world when I was in 3rd grade. Of course it had matching white Mary Janes and white socks. In middle school I was "stylin" in my falling star bell bottom jeans and red, white and blue track shoes. In high school things went preppy to oxford shirts, button up Levis, Dexter "wallaby" shoes and anything OP. Also went through a phase of cutsie frilly dresses, jelly sandals, and those little China-styled flats with pants that were baggy at the top and tight at the bottom of the leg. Did those have a name? I also went through the layered polo look. I had a polo in every color imaginable and pants too. I had orange, yellow, red, bright blue, etc. And the "proper Keds white canvas tennies."

Now my fashion is jeans and whatever shirt fits that day. I rarely dress up any more - don't have a place to go if I did. I have skirts and slacks for church, but other than that, it's jeans. Unless it's one of those days and then it's jammies for the day. I would love to have a makeover and be "one of those moms," but I don't think I could handle the maintenance. I tend to take the easy way out. You get makeup if you're lucky.

I think Miss A has been watching Mommy too closely..........what do you think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Thinking.......

I've just been thinking today. I went to a funeral with my T this morning. One of her friends lost her daddy this past Friday suddenly. I cannot imagine losing my father now at age 44, let alone at age 19. To the C family, my condolences. M will be missed. J, I love you!

So I've been thinking about how my girls would handle losing their father right now. Not well, I know.

I've also been thinking about some testimonies I've heard about letters from dads to their children and from children to their parents. Wondering how to go about writing such a letter to my own daddy. Or one to my girls. What would happen if I were taken to heaven suddenly? Would they know how much I love them? Would they know how to take care of their own families some day? Would they know how to take care of their sisters?

What if?

I know it's kind of a downer thought. But God tells us we should be ready at any time to go home to Him. So while I am ready in the sense of salvation, I am not ready in the selfish sense of wanting to be here for them. I want to grow old with Gary and watch them graduate, wed, have families, be happy. Is that wrong? I don't think so, just human.

So I will live each day to its fullest, let those I love know it, and be at peace in knowing whatever life brings, wherever the road leads, God is in it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Muse?

A long-lost, newly-found friend ( asked on her blogger today "What is your muse?" What inspires you to write about a certain something? Many of the comments she received were inclusive of family, jobs, schooling, etc. My muses are the same, I suppose. I am pretty new to this blogging thing and sometimes the words come flowing out, but most of the time - it's a big blank wall. Maybe reading about others' muses and listing some of my own will help the creative juices flow.

My daughters are probably my biggest muse. They are always good for a story or two, especially the littlest one, A. You forget how the world looks to a toddler once they outgrow that stage. We are being reminded of how simple life really, sleep, play and pray with a few things in between that you may or may not like. Such as take medicine, go shopping (GASP! How did I end up with not one but two who would rather not shop?), wear clothes when a diaper is sufficient for most days, things like that. Our little A is an amazing reminder of what T, L, and R were like at that age.

My animals are a muse to me too. They are the subject of just as many stories as the girls. Some day I will blog about them.

Another muse is God's creations - the flowers, the sunsets, the trees. (I have a story in mind about a couple of trees, but just haven't gotten it quite right yet.) His creation of my children, my husband, my parents, my family. One question we ask A all the time is "Do you know why you're here?" She always answers "Yes!" but never tells us. Maybe that's another muse..........Why are you here? What is God's purpose for your life?

Speaking of God's purpose for your life, another friend's blog/job/foundation is her one of her purposes and another muse. I have known this woman for 20 years and have seen what the power of God can do. Some day, maybe I'll ask her permission to write about some of it.

So, I guess I can no longer say that I have nothing to write about. I have lots to write about and lots of people to meet through this blogging adventure. And so it begins..............

Sunday, March 8, 2009

And Daughter Number 2....

This is L, daughter number 2 of 4. She is a freshman in high school and is 14 going on 24. L likes music - the "emo" kind. I guess it is every generation's job to annoy the previous generation with their music. She is far from being "emo" but she sure likes the styles and sounds.

She also dances - tap and jazz - and has from age 2. We tease her about her dancing everywhere she goes - feet tap, tap, tapping. This from the child who used to run into walls. L has been an assistant teacher at her studio for the last 3 years for some of the younger classes. Next year she hopes A (daughter number 4) will want to dance and she'll be her teacher! Recital is in a couple of months - can't wait!

L doesn't play sports like T and R, but she is their biggest fan and has sat through many a practice and game to support her sisters and their teams. Such a good sport!

She is the "Suzie Homemaker" of the group. She likes to cook and take care of A. We call her the other mother sometimes. But only if she's not busy on the computer, texting, or reading. Then she is all typical teenager...."whatever" is the favorite word if irritated.

L - daughter number 2, gotta love her!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Little Girl

This is another of my girls. B is 12 and in 6th grade. She has a ready smile and loves to be with her friends. She is 3rd of the 4 and would have been totally happy to be the baby forever. A new sister at the age of 10 was a little difficult to handle for her, but now doesn't know what she would do without her sissy!

B dances, plays basketball, soccer and now has just made the school volleyball team. I am very proud that she took the chance to try out, knowing she is not an accomplished player. I sure wouldn't have! Of course, sports have never been my thing.

B is also the first one of the girls to have an interest in band. She plays the saxophone and in my opinion is pretty good. I hope she continues to play.

At the age of 12 she is almost as tall as I am (which is not saying much!) and her legs are longer than mine. I think she will be the tallest of the bunch. She also loves jokes and riddles and has a good sense of humor.

Just a little insight to my number her!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Oldest Little Girl

T is my oldest daughter. At the age of 17, she could not make a parent more proud. She is smart, does well in school - academically (ranked in the top 3% of her class) and socially, and has a good head on her shoulders. T is not the perfect child (thank goodness we got over that idea!), but she is perfect for our family.

T is my sports player. She played competitive softball for 7 years until she changed her mind for a while. I have to tell you, it broke her mom and dad's hearts as she is a good player and thoughts of possible college scholarships flew out the window, but we had always told her when it stopped being fun and she was not happy, she could stop. The terms were not perfect - lots of fallout, but she was happy. T did start it back up to play for her high school team. It was fun again! She's not going to play in college so she can concentrate on studies. She has also played tennis and volleyball for her school.

T has decided to go into special education/speech therapy as her majors in college. This idea came about from a child she "plays" with every week named G.F. He is a child on the autistic spectrum and she volunteers to do play therapy with him. It has made her see the possibilities in these kids and she wants to do more. What a good idea!

T has always had an opinion. Even before she was born she would let herself be known. And then she came, not when the due date was but 18 days late. From the day she finally was born, she let us know she did not want to have her temperature taken or be wrapped up in the usual swaddled blanket. She just wanted to do it her way! She was born fist first and has been raising it ever since to let her opinion known and to do it her way.

I am proud of her and love her. My oldest one!