Sunday, March 8, 2009

And Daughter Number 2....

This is L, daughter number 2 of 4. She is a freshman in high school and is 14 going on 24. L likes music - the "emo" kind. I guess it is every generation's job to annoy the previous generation with their music. She is far from being "emo" but she sure likes the styles and sounds.

She also dances - tap and jazz - and has from age 2. We tease her about her dancing everywhere she goes - feet tap, tap, tapping. This from the child who used to run into walls. L has been an assistant teacher at her studio for the last 3 years for some of the younger classes. Next year she hopes A (daughter number 4) will want to dance and she'll be her teacher! Recital is in a couple of months - can't wait!

L doesn't play sports like T and R, but she is their biggest fan and has sat through many a practice and game to support her sisters and their teams. Such a good sport!

She is the "Suzie Homemaker" of the group. She likes to cook and take care of A. We call her the other mother sometimes. But only if she's not busy on the computer, texting, or reading. Then she is all typical teenager...."whatever" is the favorite word if irritated.

L - daughter number 2, gotta love her!

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