Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Thinking.......

I've just been thinking today. I went to a funeral with my T this morning. One of her friends lost her daddy this past Friday suddenly. I cannot imagine losing my father now at age 44, let alone at age 19. To the C family, my condolences. M will be missed. J, I love you!

So I've been thinking about how my girls would handle losing their father right now. Not well, I know.

I've also been thinking about some testimonies I've heard about letters from dads to their children and from children to their parents. Wondering how to go about writing such a letter to my own daddy. Or one to my girls. What would happen if I were taken to heaven suddenly? Would they know how much I love them? Would they know how to take care of their own families some day? Would they know how to take care of their sisters?

What if?

I know it's kind of a downer thought. But God tells us we should be ready at any time to go home to Him. So while I am ready in the sense of salvation, I am not ready in the selfish sense of wanting to be here for them. I want to grow old with Gary and watch them graduate, wed, have families, be happy. Is that wrong? I don't think so, just human.

So I will live each day to its fullest, let those I love know it, and be at peace in knowing whatever life brings, wherever the road leads, God is in it.

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